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Fires at Mum’s house


Creepy picture from the Sayre fire that’s been threating to burn Mum’s house.

This should be a T-shirt!


and so it begins, well…

ok so we have to wait 68 days 12 hours 26 mins and 10 seconds but who counting, ummm



I made gmail proud

I’ve been using Gmail for over 5 years, this last year I’ve seen my inbox explode. I was able to get my unread items from 100+ down to 12-15 respectively. However the “items” sitting in my inbox read, stared or labeled sat there unarchived and unappreciated. They sat there as a constant reminder of the monumental task I had yet to start. I have dreamed of organizing, labeling and YES reading (some to long to dive into 100%, apologies fwd, Fwd FWD) Until today; I decided to just hit ARCHIVE!! Which means ALL marked emails go into  “All Mail” Miraculously I found in the process an option to have ALL 1889 items in my inbox marked as well. Meaning I didn’t have to spend the next 3 hours going page to page marking all, archiving all. ALL archived ALL at once. My inbox is now a quiet place to receive, read, delete and if needed ARCHIVE!


CRAZY weekend!!

Our weekend started innocently enough; a fun birthday party in Newbury Park on Saturday. Pierson had a blast on the Jolly Jump slide.


Sunday we ventured down to Los Angeles for our very first Messianic Wedding. As we sat at the entrance of the Skirball Cultural Center waiting to enter, I heard screeching tires. I saw a sports car lose control sliding directly into our path. I braced for the impact but right at that moment the driver was able to correct just enough to only nick our back bumper. Jason was pissed and I was shacken but glad our car was drivable. The thought of not being able to get home to our 19 month old son scared me more than anything. The driver of the sports car pulled in ahead of us to exchange info. To all of our surprise there was ZERO damage. Here’s a picture of the car that bumped us.



I noticed a clear film smudge on our bumper then found a matching spot on the Lamborghini’s hood. The driver said that was the cars bra. “Best $3000 bucks I’ve spent” he said. Ummmmm ok. Needless to say seeing the sticker price after the fact made me feel dizzy.


OK ALREADY!! I got it you’re an organic peach. I think the use of this many stickers could be viewed as over kill. Unless of course you are MORE organic then your organic box mates. I think the bruised one was bullied into giving up his one sticker.

And no, I didn’t add or alter the stickers. There was only 4 peaches in the package. I count 9 stickers!! This sh*t is beyond my talent.


email apathy

I recently got a lovely email from a friend who’s moved out of state. He’s an amazingly eclectic music and movie lover. So when I get movie or music elists with ratings I pour over them for those gems that I would normally over look. I responded to his email like I normally would any one who’s put effort in sharing his finds. Unlike those emails with fwd. Fwd. FWD. then two words and a link. Those I read, send thanks then delete. Of course there are those which need no reply. These include emails that have been mass emailed so many times that the actually body of text is 4 pages in (see pet peeves list) Anywho, my friend was grateful for my reply but his dismay promtped me to post.

friend “It’s like I through my emails off into a dark ravine hoping a reply will shoot back up at me…”

me: “In this age of RSS feeds, twitter, daily (if that) blog posting obligations and then email on top of all that. I find people are to overwhelmed to respond to emails where they aren’t “required” to do so. Required meaning; asked a direct question, obligated to participate or work related…I stopped reading my Google Reader and stopped looking at twitter… I want to give people the response they deserve and with email I can… I’d feel spread to thin (keeping up with it all) and nothing would get replied to cause I’d be to busy trying to read everything. I stick to my email inbox, I’m thinking of adding a couple blogs but fear that might turn into a slippery slope of, well you get the idea. Wasn’t technology supposed to make our lives more efficient so we could spend more time with people we love? I think it’s just given us more distractions from the things that are important!”


Ever start your day like THIS

ugh! Try carrying trash, a HUGE Amazon box and other annoying mail. OH yes, add a little moisture to said trash and BAM! That’s how I started today. Luckily Pierson was far from earshot, cause the language that was used was NOT french.